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Well, it’s Thursday, but I haven’t come across any products cool enough to be deemed this week’s “cool product.” So, instead, as I eagerly await farmers market season, here’s a picture of a market in Zurich from my trip to Switzerland last year.

Most of the Chicago markets open mid-June, including my personal favorite, the Lincoln Square market. I do the majority of my produce shopping there during the summer on Tuesday mornings. Unfortunately though, I’m always in a rush to get my veggies, get back home and then get to work, which doesn’t leave much time for smelling tomatoes, squeezing eggplants and and chatting up the farmers.

So, I also make occasional visits to the North Center market (which is usually pretty sparse) on Saturdays and the Museum of Contemporary Art market on Tuesdays over my lunch hour. The museum’s market is a little more upscale and features some more unique offerings. I don’t usually buy much there, but it’s a nice place to walk around, listen to some live music and pick up a couple odds and ends. And it sure beats eating a PB&J at my desk.

I’ve never been to the mother of all Chicago farmers markets, the Green City Market in Lincoln Park, but I’m determined to make the trip this year.

What I haven’t determined is how I’ll fit my produce box into my usual market shopping habits, or vice versa. I’m thinking about switching to the fruit-only box for the summer since fruit at the markets is usually a little pricey, but veggies are more affordable and I enjoy picking them out.

We’ll see how it goes. Obviously, it’s not such a horrible dilemma to have.


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3 responses to “Market Share

  1. I have never been to the Green City Market either. I’ve heard you can find some pretty awesome things there, rare foods and the like. I’ve got to go this year too!

    Do you have a favorite of the four downtown markets? I can’t wait till they start running. It is always so nice to go there for lunch, and bring food home too.

    Other than that I’ve only been to the Edgewater market and it is very small albeit nice enough. Not worth making a special trip for.

  2. Sara

    Once you go to the Green City Market, you’ll never want to go anywhere else. It’s amazing. There are so many foods that I’ve never seen anywhere else, and there are so many samples! They have cheeses, meats, soaps, desserts, bread, flowers, everything! And it starts up early – May 16 – and runs through the end of December. The first time I went i just wandered around wide-eyed in shock. I’ve never been to the downtown markets, though. Maybe they’re amazing as well.

  3. joanna

    Karin – I’ve only been to the MCA market downtown. Is that one of the four you’re referring to?

    Sara – Two weeks and I’m there. I can’t wait!

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