Lazy Weekend Frittata


I’ve been working on perfecting my frittatas lately. I found some helpful tips in Alice Waters’ The Art of Simple Food, which you can read more about over at The Kitchn if you’re so inclined.

I’ve come up with a few tweaks of my own. For instance, when it comes to cheese, I say forget shredding. Instead, I prefer to cut cheese into small cubes so they deliver a satisfying, gooey bite. And a good cheese will always deliver more bang for your buck. I used a great cow’s milk cheese from Saxon Creamery. Sadly, the name escapes me. (I brought Clementine with me to the Green City Market yesterday and I was a little distracted trying to keep her from jumping up and stealing the cheese samples. And now I remember why she usually stays at home.)

For vegetarian frittatas like mine, it’s really important to pack as much flavor as possible into every ingredient. That started with the potatoes, which I sliced and cooked in a skillet, covered, with olive oil, smoked salt and rosemary. The rosemary came through in every bite.

And as a quick alternative to caramelized onions, Mark Bittman-style burnt onions also pack a lot of flavor. I chopped mine up into small pieces for better distribution.

All those little tricks come together to make what I think is a pretty great frittata. None of them take much effort, so it’s still a perfect dish for a lazy day. Add a loaf of No-Knead Bread, and there’s nothing better. Except maybe a leftover slice, eaten cold, no silverware allowed.

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