Bake Sale for Haiti: Thank You!

“The very act of doing something, no matter how small, is a step away from hopelessness and despair. And no matter where we stand in the concentric circles of support surrounding a difficult situation, we cannot afford hopelessness and despair.”

That’s my Kitchn colleague Dana Velden on “The Bake Sale Response.” Last Friday morning, I was reading Dana’s eloquent post about groups in cities around the country organizing bake sales to raise money for disaster relief in Haiti.

As I was reading, a tweet popped onto my screen about a benefit show at The Hideout planned for Monday and I thought perhaps some sweet treats would be a good addition to the event. A few quick emails later and we had ourselves a bake sale. A good, old-fashioned bake sale.

We started spreading the word and volunteers came streaming in all weekend, offering all sorts of wonderful treats. By Monday night, we had nearly 24 contributors on board. Thanks to the generosity of this group and those in attendance at the show, we raised more than $700 close to $1,000 with our little bake sale. In all, the event raised nearly $8,000 for Partners in Health, an organization that has been on the ground in Haiti for more than 20 years.

A huge thanks to everyone who jumped on board with the sale and donated their talents and energy to the event. Every little bit helps.

If you weren’t able to attend the benefit, but would still like to get involved, please consider making a donation to Partners in Health or purchasing a poster created for the event by Judgeworks.

Also! There are still some treats available from the bake sale. We will be selling them tomorrow evening (1/20) at The Hideout’s Soup and Bread night.


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2 responses to “Bake Sale for Haiti: Thank You!

  1. sally timms

    i would like to thank all the bakers who took part. it was a wonderful night at the hideout and the money is still rolling in from various sources, over $9000 has now been donated to partners in health, which includes nearly $1000! from the bake sale. dana velden is spot on with her comments above about the need to feel you have “done something”. thanks again joanna for putting the bake sale together and to all who contributed their delicious baked goods.

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