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Cranberry Relish, and Adventures of the Reluctant Baker


Last November, I attempted to make my Grandma Weezie’s Cranberry Relish. It was a bit of a disaster. This year, I tried again and came closer to getting it right. The problem seems to be that the cooks in my family have perfected the recipe over the years, and those little adjustments aren’t included in the original recipe.

This recipe is different from a lot of cranberry sauces because the cranberries themselves are not cooked. Instead, they’re ground in a food processor and mixed with fruit juice, pineapple, orange zest and Jello. And of course sugar – lots of sugar.

The Jello makes it sort of a old-school salad, but it’s not really a “Jello salad.” It has the consistency of a relish and the Jello just gives it some firmness. It should be a bit more firm than what you can see in the picture, so I’m thinking maybe more Jello? When I figure it out, I’ll post the recipe.

Oh, but what are those strange little rolls on the side, you ask?

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